Czech Republic


I’ve been in Prague once in 2009 but only for a day, that’s why I wanted to go again, also I wanted to visit Český Krumlov because I read a lot about this fairly tail village located in the south of the Czech Republic.



13-17 of April, Easter 2017


Did you know...

  1. Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic, including residents and citizens, form the largest immigrant community in the country (and 3rd largest ethnic minority at all, after Slovaks and Ukrainians), numbering more than 83,000 people according to 2011 census. Vietnamese first started arriving in former Czechoslovakia during the communist regime.
  2. The Czech Republic has one of the least religious populations in the world. 86.7% non-religious or undeclared
  3. Easter whip In the Czech Republic , a tradition of spanking or whipping is carried out on Easter Monday. In the morning, men spank women with a special handmade whip called a pomlázka. The spanking may be painful, but it's not intended to cause suffering. A legend says that women should be spanked with a whip in order to keep their health, beauty and fertility during the whole next year.  

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