Cesky Krumlow

Located near the Austrian border and 180 km from the city of Prague, the bus ride takes 3 hours.

Krumlov is built in a very special place, a double meander of the Vltava River that surrounds practically all the center part of the town. It is declared a World Heritage Site and is perfectly preserved.

The first thing we went to do was go up to the castle tower (price) from where you have an excellent view of the whole town.

We were also visiting the castle, which is one of the great fortresses of Europe, located on several hills joined by bridges.

When we got tired of visiting the castle (outside, we only paid to go up to the tower) we just walked around this lovely village.


Cesky Krumlov has preserved its architectural heritage that can be admired in every street and corner. Carefully decorated houses, cobbled floors, parks and places where you can admire the views.  Just by chance we show that there was a free tour one later. 

The free tour is always interesting to do, because you get to learn a lot of things of the city you are visiting.


Bus Prague- Český Krumlov

 Rejio jet, every hour, first one is at 6 am. 

3h ride, the bus are confortable and thy gibe you beversges. They run from Na Knížecí station.

Last bus from Cesky ist at 20:00.

Better to book in advance


Price 7,60 per leg


Free walking tour. https://www.wisemanfreetour.com/our-guides/

At 10:30 and 14 (only 10:30 in winter) at the INFOCENTRUM office on the main square



Pension U Matesa (Rybarska 23/24)

Literally right by the river Moldau and just a short walk over the bridge to Cesky Krumlov old town and castle, their restaurant with  a great choice of meals to choose from at unbelievably cheap prices.