There are several options for a one day trip from Marrakech, we decide to go to Essaouira because was closer and Eila wanted (since it was really hot) go to the beach, ha ha ha.


Essaouira is located a few hours from Marrakesh on the Atlantic coast, the ramparts, the port, the cawing seagulls, the sea air and  the lack of pushy touts make it a really relaxed city to visit and is easy to walk around.

It was really windy and the first thing we visit was the Scala the Kasbah, on our way there we walked under tons of seagulls (and they kindly give us some “presents”).

by 3ilaliff
by 3ilaliff
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by 3ilaliff

 Up in the top of the Scala the wind was really strong, so after talking some pictures (you have a really nice view of the city with the rampart) we go to visit the fishing port, full of blue rowboat.

After that we jumped in the Medina (which is an UNESCO World Heritage), a great place to visit with great photo opportunities to be had. It is smaller and more manageable than the Marrakech’s medina, the shopkeepers are relax and no one pitch's you for a sale. You can wander in this area  or you could just stop and watch the locals go by!, Don't worry about getting lost as all routes will eventually lead you a recognizable place. These alleys and tunnels are primarily living quarters for the locals, they are very peaceful and quite with very few people. We ended up in a street full of food stands.


We had a  nice day, and really enjoy the city. It easy to walk around and easy to take pictures, definitely worth a visit.


Don’t pay for a day Tour, it is easy to reach. We take a supratours bus from its terminal close to Train station. The journey was 2h15min with a  stop  20-30 min in the middle of nowhere. Buy the ticket one day in advance is a good idea.Price 140 MAD per person return ticket


To eat in Essaouira

Restaurant Dar Al Houma (9 Rue El Hajjali)