A modern mix of Moroccan and international culture the most famous city in the country and also the most crowded. You will get lost inside its medina, you will have to ask several times for direction, you will get sick of the pushy touts, you will admire the  truly mess of the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa, during the day and during the night… you will love it or you will hate, Marrakech leaves no one indifferent.


Begin your visit drinking one orange juice in the square, and get inside the medina and soaks, you will get lost easily. Every 5 seconds there is someone asking if you need a guide, is a little bit annoying. One of the places to visit is the Photography Museum of Marrakesh, a small museum that is a treasure of photography and history of Morocco, from its terrace you have a nice overview of the city. 

 Close tothe Photography Museum is the Marrakech museum with although it has an impressive main court, the rest is nothing special. (Entrance fee is 50 D).

The Ben Youssef Madrasa is one of my favorite places in Marrakech. It was an Islamic college. A stunning building in perfect harmony with great wood cuttings and mosaic work. An oasis after the bustle of the souk. (Entrance fee is 20 Dh).

My other favorite thing in Marrakech is spend some time Jemaa el-Fnaa. There's always something happening it be snake charmers, traditional dancers or boxing matches. A good places to spent some time is the Le Grand Balcon Cafe Glacier, is expensive but it has an amazing view of the square, once you ask for a drink you can stay in the terrace as long as you can, and from there you can see how the square changes at night.

Walking through the food stalls on night is an absolute must. If want to try them the general rule is to eat where the locals eat. They will put bread and olives on the table as soon as you sit down and do charge for this but it's best to just go with the flow.

The Kasbah Mosque is the major landmark for the medina is a lovely place to walk around. Only Only Muslims are allowed to get in.

A little further from the medina (20 min walk distance) are the Saadian Tombs (Entrance fee 10Dhs) and Bahia Palace. Both of them are quite close. The Palace has lovely little hideaway with an exquisite courtyard garden (Entrance fee 10Dhs)

The tanneries are definitely interesting to see, to get there you have to be led by a local. The smell wasn’t as bad as I expected, Be careful thought of "self-appointed guides" that might seem very friendly at first but definitely want a reward for the kindness when the tour is over.

 In my opinion Marrakech, is unfortunately very flawed by tourism,  most of the time I had to take “stolen” photos, the souks are colorful, but products are the same from stall to stall and the touts can be annoying. I will definitely go again to Morocco, but the next time I will skip Marrakech.


  • The cheapest way to go from the airport to the city is with the bus number 19 (it runs every 30 min from 6.15 til 21:30) it costs 30dh single or 50dh return. There is a bus stop really close to the Jemaa el-Fnaa.
  • Drink as much orange juice as you can, they are rellay cheap and tasty.
  • Have a Drink in  Le Grand Balcon Cafe Glacier and enjoy de view.
  • Eat the delicius Lamb tajine in Chez Chegrouni (46 Jemaa el Fna)
  • Expect to pay around 5€ for a beer, if you are able to find one.
  • If you are planning to stay in the medina try to find a Riak easy to reach, close to the square, the medina is a labyrinth.