I arrive to Swakopmund from Windhoek to start my second tour, this time with Nomads Adventure. I take a shuttle early in the morning and got around 12. Before we arrived something pick my attention, suburbs with hundreds of small houses in line and each one with a different colors. At the moment I didn’t know that was part of the Town ship.


Swakopmund although it is second biggest (50.000) city in Namibia and vacacional spot for most of the Namibians, it’s a small city easy to walk all around. Founded by the Germans in 1892.

I spent one afternoon discovering it, you don´t have the feeling to be in Africa, the city (at least the city center) is really western style, actually it remained me a little bit to the city of the “Truman show”.


Swakopmund is also known for the many activities can be done there, skydiving, sandboarding, defines view, to name a few.

 The big beach was almost empty and from the pear you have nice view of the dunes although is quite windy. There is a couple of restaurants where you can eat seafood.

Mondesa Township

From all of the different activities that you can do in Swakamund for the most interesting one was visiting the Township.


Mombasa is where 60% percent of the population of Swakmpund lives. Most of the peoples go to work to the city center to supermarkets, shops and then go back.  The houses there not as fancy as they were in the city center. I didn’t take many pictures because I didn’t want to disturb the people.



I spent in Windhoek 3 nights, I didn’t get to see that much of the city and my feeling is that it doesn’t have too much to offer neither.


The Christchurch is a Lutheran church located in the top of a hill in Windhoek center. It was opened on 1910 and it is mainly used by the German colony in Windhoek.  Really close to the church are the parliament gardens and the Titenpalast(is the seat of both chambers of the Parliament of Namibia, the National Council and the National Assembly).


Joe's Beerhouse

The most famous place to eat in Windhoek is Joe’s Beerhouse a huge restaurant, and tourist hub. It has a nice decoration and inside you will be able to try all kind of meets. I try the “Busman Sosatie” which has springbok oryx, zebra, crocodile and kudu.