27 Oct – 18 Nov 2017


Literature & films

  • The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War (Gioconda Belli)
  • Carla´s song (Ken Loach)

Did you know...


  • During election day (and day before and after) there is a prohibition of consumption of alcohol. I was in Nicaragua for the Local election and even the “Sunday funday” in SJD was postponed one day.
  • Managua is the capital of Nicaragua since 1824 just because Leon and Granada where always “fighting” to get that title
  • There is a project to develop a Canal through Nicaragua but there is a lot of protest against it

Since April 2018 there has been several protest against the social security reforms decree by President Daniel Ortaga,  and the level of insecurity is rise up. At the time that I went I didn't feel unsafe in any moment  (I skip Manugua thought and only went there to change buses or take flights)


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