Amman and around

We arrived at around 5 am to Amman airport and went direct to our hostel were we arrived around 6:30 (taxi 22 Jod fix price oct 2019). We waited till they open the breakfast buffet ( and tried really hard not to felt sleep since we had spent the night traveling).

after a coffee we  arranged our trip to Jerash.

It started around 9:30 and we went directly to Ajlun castle wich is like 30 min drive from Jerash.

Ajlun Castle

This is a 12th castle built by the Muslims, and we were walking around it for 30-45 minutes


It has several passage ways, halls which are mainly empty and the top some destroyed parts of the castle. There is a beautiful view over the Wadi’s around the hill.


Then we went to the Roman ruins of Jerash, it is an old Roman city really well preserved, we spent like 2 hours visiting it, it was enormous.

 Theaters, the casrud maximus, different temples,... at some point the lack of sleep and the heat hit me, especially because I run out of water, and there was no swallow at all.

The entry is include with the Jordan pass.


Back in Amman we walked around some souks, I was a little bit disappointed because I was speaking some souls as the ones in marrakech or Istanbul, but it was nothing to compare. Because it was Friday there was a street market going on at the entry of Al Hussein Mosque.

We ended up having dinner in the famous “ Hashem '' which I can highly recommend, the food was really tasty and we paid almost nothing. After a long day we have a beer (one of the 2 that we had on the whole trip) on the roof of our hotel which was just in front of the roman theater.


The next morning after breakfast we went to the Ciutadella which is located in the center of the city up in one hill, we spent around 2 hours, visiting the different spots and enjoying the wonderful views of the city. The architecture of Amman is also something that pic my attention. Every building is white or beige. And because Amman is built in 7 hills you can see all the different levels.



Then we did the free tour, walking around the same souks as the day before but visiting some souks that are little bit hidden. After the free tour we took a taxi to the dead sea where we spent a night, and then came back to Amman just because the conexion to go to Dana was better. 


Amma's Street Art

Amman is full of murals and street art, it has an amazing street art scene. The influx of immigrants from different countries has birthed an unofficial citywide rejuvenation project that began over a decade ago and has accelerated in the past five years. Vibrant murals and graffiti have popped up on walls across Amman like spring flowers.


For more information:

The Amman Street Art account (@ammanstreetart) features street art from around the Jordanian capital.

Amman Street Art Documentation Project: map dedicated to track the murals in the city.



In our Last afternoon we visited the area of  Al-Kalha Stairs (top part) and Jadal Stairs (bottom part), there is has some small shops and cafes.  They connect downtown Amman with Jabal Al Weibdeh neighbourhhod and the walls on the side of the stairs have  been decorated with street art.



After that we went to the famous rainbow street but probably was early, because we didn’t see anything special, we ended up having dinner at the “wild jordan center” which has a really nice terrace to enjoy the views of amman.