Dead Sea

The lowest point on Earth in terms of dry land is the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan. It lies at 1,378ft (420m) beneath sea level. The waters of the Dead Sea are extremely saline which keeps bathers buoyant. With 34.2% salinity it is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean.

We arrived to the dead sea around 14, it took around an hour from Amman. Once we did the check in our hotel we jump directly into the water after covering our body with the famous dead sea mud.


The sensation is weird inside the water you really floats and it is impossible to swim. Our sking never bin so soft. We were in the water for almost 2 hours without getting our fingers stranded.


On the way back to our room we realise on 2 poster on our resort showing where twas dead sea leven for 10 or 20 years, it is disappearing rapidly due to drought.

And the resort have to move their beaches further and further, not sure how long will it take to disappear completely 

After the sunset, we went for dinner to mall that there is before all the resorts.

Badi Mujib

When I started to read about jordan this place took a lot of my attention. Only open between April and 31 of oct, i was realive when i sow that the day I was planning to go was open( 2 days before) was closed because of the rain.


There are several trails that you can't take, depending on the distance and the difficulty you want. By the time we where visiting only the Siq trail was open. There is also a dry trail that you can visit between Nov and end of March.


 The siq trail (the easiest one ) is a nice 2km walk throught a canion with only a few tricky parts. It ends in the water fallIs, the treck is completely double without a guide but on our way back we were followinga couple of asian women with a guide and he was kind enough sow us some tricks.


To visit wadi Mujib go early, we started the treck around 9:30 and it was ok, on the way back was completely crowded

In the visitor center of wadi Mujib there are lockers to leave your belongins but you have to bring your own lock


kings Hiway

The King’s Highway is one of two routes that run from Amman to Petra, the other one is Desert Highway, that might be faster, but not as interesting.


The kings Highway is a scenic route that allow you see more of the country and visit many historic sights along the route.

We booked our tour through Jordan Tower Hotel, it cost 35Jd (not negociable, we asked the other people that came with us in the tour and everyone paid the same, we even try to bargain a little since we were stopping in Dana without success).


The tour started at 8 more o less, at the beginning we drive through the Desert Highway, one of our wheel explode and we have to stop and ask for help luckily was kind of fas and in 45 min we were on our way again.

Umm ar-Rasas

First stop was the small village of Umm ar-Rasas. We show our Jordan pass in the visitor center and then visit the ruined city . We follow the main rout and enden uap in a byzantine church with a lot of mosaics on it. 


Although this place is protected by Unesco they could improve it a lot with more indications and taking more care of the mosaics, some of them were completely exposed to with any protection.


It took us around 30-40 min.

view Point of the Mujib Dam

In our way to the Kerak the drive was spectacular, we stop in the view Point of the Mujib Dam to take some pictures


The Kerak Castle is a fortification located at the top of the town of kerak, and is one of the 3 largest Crusader Castles in the region. For me the best part was to explore some of the underground hallways.


After a quick lunch we drove to Dana where we stay.