After a rainy week in July I decided that on my holidays I wanted to have the summer that I was not having,  I also wanted to dive. This year I was not intetested in something cultural, just sun and water!


31 October-22 November 2015 (23 days)

Literature & Films

  •  Ilustrado  from   Miguel Syjuco
  •  Killing Time in a Warm Place from Jose Dalisay
  •  Soledad’s Sister  from Jose Dalisay 

Did you know...

  1. A Bottle of Rum costs less than 1€!!( and is quite nice). On the other hand the soft-drink are expensive.
  2. The Pinoys don't use the knife to eat, just spoon and fork.
  3. You can eat a Balut (fertilized duck egg) that is boiled and eaten in the shell (I didn't)


The Philipines are 7.000 islands and I only had 22 days, so a little bit of planning was needed.

I had 3 things clear, first I wanted to skip Manila (I not a fan of big cities and didn’t read anything really interesting about it…) ,second I was not really interested in Boracay and third I wanted to spend around 10 days in Palawan. So after a long research (meaning reading as much blogs as I found) I decided to focus my trip in the Central Visayas and Palawan.


22 days is not enough, I will definety go back, there many interesting island still to explore: Siquijor, Camotes, Camigudin, Apo...

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Central Visayas


On board