Puerto Princesa

I flew to Puerto Princesa the 11th of November but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the next 2 days, my options were staying in Puerto Princesa to visit the undergrown river or go to Port Barton.


When arrived to Puerto Princesa there was a lot going on in the city because on the 11th of November they celebrate the undergrown river day (On November 11, 2011, Puerto Princesa Underground River was provisionally chosen as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. This selection was officially confirmed on January 28, 2012).

 So I decided to visit the river and enjoy the parade that was going on in the city.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a protected area located about 80 kilometres north of the city centre . While the subterranean river is actually over 8km in length, tourist paddle boats are allowed to go only 1.5km upstream into the cave (45 minutes return).

Underground river |aroundtheworldstepbystep.com
Underground river |aroundtheworldstepbystep.com

The underground river itself was amazing - magnificent nature rock formation tons of bats and an area where the roof was like 65 meters above us y  around the cave entrance you’ll also easily spot monkeys and big monitor lizards. But overall the tour was very touristy and they herd you in and out of the park so you cannot explores the Sabang’s rich coastal rainforest and you spend most of the day waiting.


  • I flew from Cebu airport (terminal fee 200 php for a national flights 750php for interntationl)
  • Puerto Princesa underground river tour : 1200php (transport, lunch and river fee inclusive) I won’t recommend to do it. If you want to visit go direct to Sabang, and arrange yourself the permit.

El Nido



I took a bus from Puerto princes  6h to el Nido ( Philippinen), after 2 hours we make a stop, after going to the toilet I went back and I sow a man standing up and talking to the the people on the bus, because he was speaking in Tagalo I was only able to get some words. He said " conductor" ( driver) a couple of times, then I realise that he was holding a Bible so I guess he was praying for us to have a nice trip, after speaking 5-10 min he asked for a donation...same thing happend in our 2 stopt 2 hours later...

El Nido is is a municipality  and managed resource protected area in the north of Palawan Island. According to CNNGo, it is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its "extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem."


Nobody goes to El Nido for the town, it iss full of restaurants, accommodations and travel agencies and dive centers, overall it is nothing impressive ant the beach seemed dirty.


El Nido town is the base camp to explore the Bacuit Archipielago, which hast 45 islets full of impressive karst cliffs surrounded by crystal clear water. There are several option of island hopping, all of the tours have been standardized in terms of price and itinerary, and you can choose from tour A, B, C, and D. The sites are stunning, but it is a pitty that is already a little bit overcrowded.

To spend a day on the beach is better if you take a ride to one of the beaches close to el Nido.

 Nacpan Beach is a MUST VISIT PLACE! One on my favorites beaches in The Philippines

It has a twin beach: the Calitang. They are located 17km north from el Nido (40-50 min). The streets are in terrible condition so better to hire a tricycle unless your are an experienced motorbike rider.

nacpan beach el nido palawan|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com
Calitang beach el nido palawan|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com

The Nacpan beach itself is wide with powdery sand with calm water only few people, a perfect place to spend a day. If you climb up the little hill, you can see where both beaches come together. Up there you have a stoning view.

Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach el nido palawan|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com

For the sunset is better the Calitang beach, so take a beer and enjoy the view. In this part there were only locals and in our way back we were surrounded by a group of children’s who wanted to play with us.

Calitang beach el nido palawan|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com
Calitang beach el nido palawan|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com

Las cabañas (10 min from el Nido )is a nice beach with decent places to eat/drink. Over there you can enjoy the exquisite sunset.

las cabañas beach el nido|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com
el nido|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com
el nido|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com

el nido|aroundtheworldstepbystep.com


  • Bus from Puerto Princesa to El nido bus terminal 325 php, from there you can walk of take a tricycle to the town.
  • If you want to dive Aquanaut dive center (http://www.aquanautelnido.com/) great dive center with a very professional crew who explains you everything before and after the dive, the equipment was pretty new and the lunch on the boat was amazing!!Price 3 dives for 3600 php
  • Silverise pension 600php double room with private bad and balcon. Really clean. Poor wifi.
  • You have to pay a 200Php Eco-Tourism Development Fee  ask for the receipt since it is valid for 10 days and you will need it to do the differents tours or if you want to dive.
  • If you are traveling in a group try to arrange by yourself an island hopping tour. Going early im the morning you'll probably avoid the crowds .
  • For the island hopping use aquashoes you will be swimming in shallow water and you can get hurt.
  • To go to Napcan beach arrange a tricycle 800 php and the driver will wait for you as much as you want. There is only one restaurants along the path that leads to the beach, the adobo squid is delicious!!!!.
  • Since October 2015 there are 2 ATMs in el Nido.



My last stop in the Phillipinnes was Coron. I arrived at night after spending 8-10 hours in a boat.

Because I knew it was going to be a long trip I preferred to take a bigger boat instead of the typical wooden banka. The ferry (M/v May Lillies ) was huge and it has bunks, so I spent most of the time sleeping or reading.  Due to a technical problem, the ferry was one day delayed and that make me change my plans. My original idea was to dive one day and to do a 2day/1night island hopping tour, but I only manage to dive one day and to do an island hoping. 1 day tour.

Coron is a famous wrecks diving spot because under its water has 10 wrecks of the Japanese supply fleet sunk in September 1944. Going in and around the wrecks really is amazing!

In my last day in the Phillipinnes I took and island hopping tour, and it was great! In this tour we were just 5 and I don’t know if we just got lucky but we were almost alone in the spots we visit. Coron has beautifuls lakes and lagoons with blue crystal water, is really a pitty that I coud’t have a night over in one of its islands.

 After the tour we climbed the Mt Tapyas to have a nice view of Coron city and to enjoy the  last sunset.


Salamat Phillipines it was great!


  • If you are planning to go to Coron by boat go to the ticket window in the boat terminal. It will be cheaper. I paid 1000 php + 20php terminal fee.
  • The airport terminal fee is 100 php.
  • Emy's Places ( 0998-982-1869):Almost in front of Coron Village Lodge, a family run pension, it is like a flat with diferents rooms with privat bathroom and common area and kitchen, the owner lifes in the next building. Really nice and friendly owner.

* all the prices listed are from Nov 2015