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Greece · 12. octubre 2020
I wasn’t in my original plan to visit Delfos, but at the end thanks to the encouragement of an ex college I went, I’m glad because the place it self is really impresive.
Pelion Peninsula
Greece · 06. octubre 2020
This península is a forgotten corner of mainland Greece. Many Little villages an deserted beaches. Many of the small towns in this region are linked by hiking paths. It makes for a great day to hike between some of the towns and discover them all on foot.

Greece · 29. septiembre 2020
I went to this small island just for one reason: to dive. Located in the Sporades, an archipiélago along the east coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea.
Europe · 27. septiembre 2020
My first time visiting this country, after a really tough 2020, I need some holidays. As many other countries with so many islands I will go back. Mainland is really underrated I find a lot of interesting things to visit like Ioannina and Zagori

France · 28. noviembre 2019
Yearly short trip with friends each year visiting something different, Aslace is a really pictorest area, it inspired the Disney's Beauty and the beast (1991)
Mt St Michel
France · 07. septiembre 2018
I visited this place back in the summer of 1991 with my family, I was so fascinated that the next year I prepare a presentation about it for the school. 27 years later I went back …

Cesky Krumlow
Czech Republic · 15. abril 2017
Some years ago I red of this town in some travel blog, the small Prague or the most beautiful town in the Czech Republic. That's why when I decided to return to Prague, I had a clear idea of visiting this town.
Czech Republic · 13. abril 2017
Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires, The Bohemian gem of Eastern Europe, the centuries-old buildings, the quirky art, the tasty beer…The city that was barely damaged during the World Wars, and whose 17th century gothic and baroque architectures are still intact. Prage is a perfect city for a 2-3 days trip

Europe · 23. marzo 2017
Been neighbour country from Spain I can not remember how many times I have visited it Paris, Bretanie, French Basque Country, Toulouse, Lyon, Grenoble. In the last years I visited again Mt Saint Michel and the Alsace area
Germany · 10. octubre 2013
Only 3 hours away from HH, I've been in Berlin several times. Here some photos taken during the years