Europe · 27. septiembre 2020
My first time visiting this country, after a really tough 2020, I need some holidays. As many other countries with so many islands I will go back. Mainland is really underrated I find a lot of interesting things to visit like Ioannina and Zagori
Czech Republic
Europe · 13. abril 2017
I’ve been in Prague once in 2009 but only for a day, that’s why I wanted to go again, also I wanted to visit Český Krumlov because I read a lot about this fairly tail village located in the south of the Czech Republic.

Europe · 23. marzo 2017
Been neighbour country from Spain I can not remember how many times I have visited it Paris, Bretanie, French Basque Country, Toulouse, Lyon, Grenoble. In the last years I visited again Mt Saint Michel and the Alsace area