The world is big and I want to see as much as possible of it.

This are not the only places I want to see, is just a list of some of the  which for some reason are stuck in my mind.

It doesn’t mean that when I think about a next trip I limited the list of countries because of the list, but I always have this spots in mind.


I day I will get to see all of them (I hope).


Aitutaki (Cook Islands)

Antelope canyon and the Wave (USA)

This are actually 2 places but since they are only 85km apart, it will be easy to see both of them in a trip. 

Uyuni Salar (Bolivia)

Urulu (Australia)

Skaftafell Ice Cave (Iceland)

Pascua Island (Chile)

Chefchaouen (Morocco)

I've in Morocco just once, and I really want go back there I pretty sure that Marrakech is not the best of the country, this sleepy mountain village really attract attention.


The big five (Afrika)

Ok, this is not a place, but I want to make a safari in Afrika, I dont have a specific NP or country in mind (the photo is from Serengeti NP)

Update nov 2016: After visiting the Etosha park in Nambia, I have seen 4 out of the big five,  I didn't see any leopards :(

Namib Desert (Namibia)--> Visit on Nov 2016

All the pictures were taken from the Internet, I don¨t have any rights.