Well, I not the biggest fan of greeck history and after visiting a couple of temples I get wored :S , so even thougt I spent 3,5 (one of them not planned, my flight was cancelled due to an stricke) I probably didn’t visit all the main atracctions. On the other hand, I walk around many different neiborhood.


I went to my hotel, closet o the Omonia square, althought the hotel was cheap I didn’t like that much the área, kind of doggy.  Because I arrive to Athens on the last sunday of Septamber(European Heritage Days), the entry to the Acropolis was for free. 


 I spent around an hour, visiting the área, the Parthenon was underconsturction , but still stunning. A coulple of soulders came and did kind of ceremony at the santuary of Pandion, I don’t know if this is normal, or it was because of the Eurpean Heritage days. There was even a drone fliying aournd. 

I stayed there till they kick us out at the beginning of the sunset,  I had dinner in one of the restaurants in Plaka and then go to sleep.


I started my second day visiting the Exarchia, the distrit of the riots of 2008. Covered in a lot of Street art, some of them just signatures but other are amaizing murals. In general Ahtens is full covered in graffiti and murals. After a while I was alble to reconize some of the artis, like the one who waints a paits a girl with wavy hair.


This area is also a lot of cafes, is a really nice place to spend some time in one of its cafes.

Not only in  Exarchia but all over Athens you can this lovely girl with curly hair, the Artist is Sonke (Sonke's Facebook)


From Exarchia I went back to Placka, during the morning is less crowded, with tons of restaurants and lovely corners

A little bit hidden in Plaka you can find Anafiotika, located just under the Acropolis. This small charming village remains me to the white villages in the south of Spain. Its starry pedestrian and labyrinthine streets, and the white walls of its houses full of plants worth a visit. 

In the aftenoon of the second day I took the free tour and we visit the city center and the main monuments , ending up again in Plaka

On the extra day that I had because my flight was cancelled I started the day seen the change of guard since my hotel was really close to the Syntagma Square. There are changing every hour in the day, but on Sundays at 11, it is the official ceremony with the official customs.

The rest of the day I spent it walking around different neighbourhoods looking for street art. I found online a prity good guide in the blog Blocal travel. I visited Metaxourgido and Psiri and the Monsastraki Flea market. 

On the afternoon I went to see the acropolis from Fipappou Hill located to the south west of the Acropolis.

The chaotic Greek capital is a deeply interesting and exciting city especially if you like old history there are plenty to see. There is also plenty to eat (well in Greece in general) I don't know how many Saganaki I ate during my time there.