I wasn’t in my original plan to visit Delfos, but at the end thanks to the encouragement of an ex college I went, I’m glad because the place it self is really impresive.  10 kilometers from the Gulf of Corinth, at the foot of Mount Parnassus, in the midst of a landscape that alternates fields of almond trees with pine forests. From the sanctuary, situated 700 meters above sea level, you can see the Cirra Valley, full of olive trees.



I also read quite a bit because previos to my visit I didn’t knot that much about this place, a part from have Heard about the Oracle of Delphi. I read several entries from the Wikipedia and wach a couple of videos in youtube from Assasian  Creed Odyseey, a video game, the have a pretty good cinamatic tour of Delphi recreating how it suposed to looked like, it was really healful.


The next day I spend almost 5 hours discovering the sacred precinct. I started visiting the santury of apollo wicht is the clossest to the town and biggest, following the main  Street or via sacra you can walk passing by dirents small buildings called treasures till the stadium. The Temple of Apollo is where the Delfos oráculo was located. 



A Little bit further from the santuary of Apollo is the gymnasium  (close by the time I went) and the sanctuary of Athena Pronoiawhere the photogenic Tholos is located. After visiting the Ancient I went back to visit the museum, the treausires collected insede give you and idea of how was the live in Delphi.