Ireland, is been always one of my favorite countries, even though I don't now it that much. It might be because I love its music, and well green is my favorite color....


I've been in Dublin several times, (last time in easter 2016) and finally I got the chance to see a part of the  Atlantic coast, from dingle peninsula, to mother cliffs and Galway(easter 2018)


I'll go back for sure, there ares still many places to visit... Donegal, Cork, Aran Islands...

Films and Literature

  • Proved Innocent ( Gerry Conlon).  The Film "In the name of the father" is based in this book.In the name of the father is part of a trilogy about the conflict in Northern Ireland, the other titles are The Boxer and Some Mother´s Son. These two movies are also recommended, but the first has always been my favorite.
  • Michael Collins (1996). Treats the life of the revolutionary leader, IRA member and Irish patriot
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) Two brothers join the guerilla to fight against the British troops, by Mr. Ken Loach famous for his social cinema.
  • A quiet man (1952). Not everything is going to be about the Irish conflict: John Wayne (yes, the same John Wayne from wild wild west) plays an Irishman who returns to his hometown aftere 10 years living  the United States and is facing some of the norms of society that he is unaware of. I have seen this movie a lot of times the photography is amazing. 

A couple of them about Dublin:

  • The Commitments (1991) Here is one about a group of friends who want to form a music group.
  • Once (2007). Precious soundtrack, in fact he won the Oscar for the best song, to know some corner of Dublin.



Travel guides:

  • Dublin: Lonely planet 9th Edition (nov 2013)
  • Ireland 2019: Rick Steves (nov 2018). After reading some really good reviews online I give a try to the Rick Steves, well I have to say, I din't like it at all, it might be that I'm really use to the LP ones...