I went easter 2015 (3-6 of April)


For my first visit to Italy (yeah! it took me a lot of time to visit this country, I went to Florence, a great city with a lot of art (and tourists too)

On Board

Inside Florecence

Ponte Vecchio

Street Art

Florence is really full of street art, so have a look on the walls.

Main artist:

  • EXIT/ENTER : funny little men in simple scenes
  • L’arte sa noutare: famous figures and artworks such as the Botticelli madonna, Michelangelo’s David and members of the Medici family in swimming masks on small posters.
  •  CLET : who has been sneakily changing street signs in the wee hours with removable stickers.  You can visit his studio in san niccolo, Via Dell’Olmo 8r, where you can pick up stickers, prints and more.


Clet Abraham

L'Arte sa Noutare


  •  If you want to visit the Uffizi gallery buy the tickets in advance or wake up really early, we just wait 45 min, but we were there at 7:30 (opening time 8:15). Same rule for the Doumo or the Academia gallery
  • For great view go to the Basilica die San Miniato al Monte, just 5 min from Piazzela Michelangel. 


         -  If your hotel/hostel offers breakfast take it, even if it costs 10€ you won’t get a cheaper breakfast at least in the city center.

         - Trattoria La Casalinga ( Via dei Michelozzi, 9r,  Florence) : well known by locals. Great carpacchio, you might have to wait a little bit but is worth it.

        - Mercato Centrale : Get lost inside,  Da Nebone is one of the most popular ones, good food and cheap .  In the first floor there are also a lots of places to eat more modern food.

          -  Bevovino ( Via San Niccolò, 59r, Florence), we sow this place coming back from San Miniato and like it from the outside, our first night we went there to drink a cup of wine,  we really like the ambience , and because of that we came back the other two nights, try the cheeses plate .