Auschwitz & Birkenau


Easter 2014, as part of my trip to Krakow, I spent a day visiting Auschwitz


Living in northern Germany it took me a long time to go to the neighboring country. Since everyone who I asked recommended Krakow I went there. Been so close Auswicht was an “required visit”.

Auswicht was the first concentration camp I visit and It will probably be the last. I had not seen any even though there is one less than 30 km from where I live. For me was always clear that Auswicht was a must visit place.  

Knowing that it is now a busy place I decide to go as earlier as posible, becase I wanted to see it in silent.


I got in around 8 am and i bought  a miniguide for (in all languages) that explain what you see in the blocks with permanent exhibitions.


I went alone, I thought was mentally prepared because I have read a lot and have seen many films / documentaries… I did not matter, I spent the whole day with a heavy heart.


You go through the different blocks, see the shoes, the clothes, the bags the glasses, the 60 cm beds where 2 people slept…

To go to Birkenau you have to take a bus

At the end of the tracks you will find the remains of the gas chambers .


One of the places that struck me most was the Canada pavilion where the belongings of the arrivals were seized by the SS. There is mural with family photos and portraits that the prisioners were carring with them.



From Krakow station take a bus to OŚWIĘCIM, the journey takes 1 hour and 15 min .

You can buy the mini-guides in the shops just before the entry on the left.

If you go before 10 or after 15 entry is free , if not , you will have to join a guided tour (aroun d 3,5h)