We arrived to Ljubljana a little bit late in the afternoon and from the bus station to our accommodation which was located in the Krakovo neighborhood. We went to the city center to have dinner, I knew that I was going to like this city, every one was enjoying the good weather and the terrances along the river were compitly full. 


Just by chance we find we find a pedestrian street close to the Dragon bridge, with a lot of restaurants, where we have dinner, and after that we went to Metelkova to have a beer. 


The next day we went to have breakfast a la orilla del rio, and walk around waiting for the free tour. As usual the tour was interesting but since the city center is quite small we were mostly crossing from one bridge to another hearing the history of the city and some funny facts, like that there is a milk spend machine in the marked (it was closed because it was Sunday) or that in that same marked you can meet the president of the republic.

There are two buildings that I really like from the outside, one is the University Library, the unique architecture of this building where the windows look like an opened book.


The other one is the Vurnik House ( the name come from the Architect Vurnik), former Cooperative Commercial Bank on Miklošičeva Street is one of the most famous Ljubljana buildings. It is across the street from the Union Hotel and steps away from Preseren Square.


After a fantastic lunch in a restaurant recommended by the tour guide we went up to the castle, just to see the view since we were not really interested in visiting the inside. 

We walk till the tivoli park where we enjoy the weather drinking a beer, and to end our visit to ljubliania we walk along the river. I found Ljubliania a really nice city.

After spending the hole day walking around we want to have dinner close to our hotel, with was in the area of Krakovo and Trnovo. That area is like a little village with in the city and just 10 min walking of the city center.  This area is Ljubljana oldest suburbs, and now there is a lot of artist living in this area.


The Dragon is the symbol of Ljubliania, and you can find it not only bridge and several small ones around the city, but also in Ljubljana Flag. The legend says that that Ljubljana was founded by Jason, the hero of Greek mythology who stole the golden fleece from King Aeëtes and then fled aboard the Argo with his comrades, known as the Argonauts, across the Black Sea and up the Danube and the Sava until they reached the Ljubljanica. There they dismantled their ship in order to carry it overland to the Adriatic coast, where they rebuilt the vessel and set sail back to Greece. On their way to the coast, they stopped at a large lake in the marshes near the source of the Ljubljanica, where a dragon was said to dwell, whereupon Jason fought, defeated and killed the monster.


Ljubljanica River

The River cuts through the city center of the old town and offers beautiful sceneries.  We walked a little bit further from the center direction south till ParkSpica and it was beautiful.


An alternative cultural scene has developed within the last decades, a former military barracks close to the main station is now one of the night life spots on the city. This place is covered by street art, and we spend a little bit of time walking around and talking photos.

During the night a lot of pubs and concerts, since the night we went was quite nice, we just stay outside drinking a beer.

There is even a Hostel were you can stay.


-Abi Falafel: 1000, Trubarjeva cesta 40.

Inicially we wanted to go to the restaurant side of this one, since it has very good reviews, but it was full so we enjoy a tasty falafel.


-Druga violina: Stari trg 21.

Recommended by the guide of the free tour. even though it is in the city center, it has a menu really cheap and tasty 


-Pri skofu: Rečna ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Eslovenia

Just went there because it was close to our accommodation, while eaten we hear some americans talking saying that the place was really good and they visit eat every time they went to ljubljana. This places is eve featured in the Guardian and the new yorker. Food was really good.