Muchen has the Oktoberfest, Cologne has the carnival…and Hamburg… well here we have the Schlagermove.

Also known as the carnival of North is a parade that take place every year in HH (end Juni or Juli).


Schage music is a style of music that emerged in Europe after the Second World War, partly as a backlash against American rock and roll, and uses simple patterns of music. Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, highly sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes. Lyrics typically center on love, relationships and feelings). 


Tons of people from all around Germany  come with their Hippie-70’s-flower power costumes,  to sing and dance schlage music during the 3,3 km parade with 45 trucks,  and of course most of them get drunk.

The only time that I went to see this spectacle was 2015 and with the only purpose of take pics.

I don't like the music, I found the costumes stupid... I really don't get it, but they seen to have a lot of fun.